Ergonomic Interface

My suggestion comes from the idea that having to lean forward to adjust any of the controls seems primitive. I love my 2010 ford fusion but I always wish the controls were more ergonomically designed and that the design could be updated over time. I wish that a tablet that could eject from the dash board on a movable arm that could be positioned to suit the diver best. For example it could be positioned closer to the driver's field of view so that glancing over to the navigation does not take the driver's eyes further from the road. It could also be positioned in a manner such that there would be no need to lean forward from the drivers seat to adjust any of the controls. If the all of the dashboard controls were table contained within an application, it would be possible to update the user interface over time and possibly allow a driver to customize his own user interface to control the radio and climate control. Using this idea, the app community could be employed to design the best interfaces for each model. This could address multiple ergonomic concerns of mine in a simple way. I understand that there are challenges to implementing this idea but I think that if it was done successfully then it would sell like crazy. I think it is only a matter of time before a much more ergonomically designed driver interface rules the road.

I would appreciate any further suggestions, criticisms, or general comments on this topic.

Thank you.