Engine Service Light - Obsolete

By S T.

Codes are already available in the memory, so why not display it? With a short discription of the possible problem. With a sivirity indicator.
That way owner of the car feels empoered ---
The fact that if you do not tighten the fuel cap can get the check engine light on...... shows how important it is to have a way for the car to communicate to its owner.
If i walked into a ford showroom to buy a brand new car ...and if one of the car came with a varient came with something like this i wouldnt ming spending a couple of extra thousand dollers to own a premium car which can tell me why the engine light has come up.
Timothy D 08/16/2012
I had a similar thought about this... may be more relevant for markets where rock bottom price is the highest priority nowadays, but why not a 3 color check engine light
Green - something needs to be fixed at/before next tank of gas (washer fluid low, fuel cap, emissions issues)
Yellow - pull into the next gas station you see. (Engine coolant or trans fluid is well above nominal temp but below overheating at the moment)
Red - Get to the shoulder NOW (Engine is overheating or failure in a critical safety subsystem like brakes, airbags etc.
H Smith 05/26/2010
S T ... has set the value of this feature at SEVERAL THOUSAND $. And I would agree that it IS of significant value to the consumer.

HOWEVER, I would suggest pricing this feature closer to manufacturing cost (probably less than $100~$200) .... pricing should probably be no more than $600 (3X manufacturing cost).

Here is the rationale ...

First, it gives the consumer a MUCH BETTER UNDERSTANDING of the problem/malfunction/routine maintenance required along with the "degree of urgency" for corrective action.

If the consumer acts upon that display recommendation in a timely manner ... and the dealer network successfully, cost effectively, and competently completes the necessary corrective action ...

this should result in "better" CUSTOMER/OWNER CARE of the vehicle ... yielding greater/better/longer customer satisfaction period for the vehicle!!!

This GENERATES ... "PERCEPTION of GREATER/BETTER SERVICE/SATISFACTION" with Ford's product, dealers, and service networks .... provided the display is reasonably accurate and the dealership cost effectively, and competently executes the reccommended "corrective action(s)"!

This technology should also allow DETECTION of both design and manufacturing problems EARLIER in the product life cycle ... reducing the probability of "later adopters" experiencing the problem ... while reducing warranty costs.

These ALL contribute to iIMPROVE product, consumer confidence in the product and service network .... ultimately leading to MORE SALES ... and HOPEFULLY, GREATER ... MARKET SHARE!

So, is it better to try to make $1.5k or more profit on a diagnostic display feature per vehicle sale or ... to sell more vehicles?

The down side of this strategy is that for many dealerships, diagnostic testing is a "profit centrer" that would experience reduced demand. I have no answer for this one ....