engine checkup

By Joe G.

with all the cars that the automotive industry produces why haven't anyone create a program where some one could download to his or hers pc or laptop. where one could plug in his car to the pc and see how his automobile is running. it saves the automotive industry money with the latest machinery and it gives the hands on on the consumers. like if the engine is running good or not. and i will be able to print it out so when i goto the dealer i know exactly what i am talking about and not just me but everyone. why do you have to make everything so complicated?
Thomas S 09/13/2012
This would be good to add to an app.
Clayton Yearns 05/23/2011
There are products out there that does this. It's a federal standard that all manufactures must meet. You won't be able to do scans on the airbags or maybe traction control, but you can see a lot of data. Look up laplogger for one of the more affordable products.
Brian Langston 05/19/2011
Dealerships will not let that happen. They, along with other repair shops, keep that technology to theirselves so they can charge you $100 + to hook your car up to their computers and tell you what they need to do to fix your problem.
Kirk Rader 05/19/2011
I think it is a good idea, however there are plenty of affordable code scanners on the market. It would be great if it would sync with bluetooth and immediately display the problem, send the owner an email reminder or even schedule a service appointment.