Enable Phonebook voice command for vehicles with MyTouch touchscreens

By Joe M.

Open to the thoughts of others on the below, including a workaround.

Situation. Users of Escape vehicles with both Sync and MyTouch touchscreen have the "Phone Book" voice command disabled, which means that there is no way to verify that Sync has the correct person before dialing begins once a "Call" command is provided.

Challenge. With no means of verifying the contact prior to dialing, Sync can end up dialing the incorrect contact from time to time, and/or not recognize the correct contact. This is a particular problem if there are a lot of contacts, such that many names will sound alike to Sync. While Sync will sometimes show choices if it is unsure, it also will simply dial a contact if it thinks it has heard the contact correctly.

Workaround limitation. Scrolling through the phone book to view the contact first is impractical if there are a large number of contacts in the phone book.

Proposed Solution. Enable the "Phone Book" voice command for Escape vehicles with Sync and MyTouch touchscreen, for example Titanium models.

Expected Benefit. This will reduce the number of incorrect contacts dialed by creating an option to verify the contact prior to Sync dialing. Hopefully it is a simple solution to simply activate an existing Sync command for all trim packages.

Possible alternative solution. Enable a simple keyboard with all letters, not just a few groupings that are impractical for scrolling through large numbers of contacts. A full keyboard could be limited to only when the vehicle is not in motion.

Again, open to other suggestions or workarounds.