Enable GLOBAL OPEN in the 2013-2014 Escape

The Ford Kuga of Europe (our Escape clone) has Global Open as "Standard" in the features list of the brochure. Our 2013 USA Fusion has Global Open "Standard" too ! Can't we have our BCMs "flashed" to enable Global Open in our 2013 and 2014 Escapes ?
George P 07/19/2014
My wifes car has this feature and I must admit I love it. I rarely use the AC, preferring to roll down the windows and open my Pano roof on my 2013 Escape. It would be fantastic to peform this function while walking up to vehicle. Please send me the phone number of the Ford engineer so I can write that person a check.
Mike P 07/16/2014
I would love to have global open!
Mike P 07/16/2014
Would love to have this! Even pay for it!
Mike P 07/16/2014
Really, really wish I had this feature on my 2013 Escape. I mean, even the Kuga has it! I would even pay for it to have it enabled!! Please help me out Ford!! Why was this feature left off of a 30K plus vehicle? Especially since other Ford models have have it.
JamesG 02/22/2014
Great, this should be on the Escape.
Philip F 01/25/2014
The 2013 and 2014 Ford models have been given a common feature set when choosing models such as a Titanium Fusion / Escape / Focus / Fiesta. This was to make it easier for customers to understand models so makes sense if Global Open is on all Fusions then apply that to the Escape  and others too
john p 01/10/2014
This function is so common in the auto industry why not make it standard and give us the ability to turn it off or on without a trip to the dealer.