Eliminate The Tachometer

Eliminate The Tachometer on all Automatic Transmission Cars. Half or better of my friends either do not know what its for or never use it. Maybe it could be made optional.
Zachary 01/05/2011
Well that isnt such a good idea.
1st- The tach is actually very useful. I Use it all the time when i drive to gauge when i should let the gas up or change my driving habits. And im not the only one to do that.
2nd- It can sometimes be an instant troubleshooter. If you can tell how high the engine is revving to an exact number or whatnot, you can tell at times whats wrong with it, when just listening cant help. Trust me, ive driven cars w/o a tach and it was a total nightmare
3rd- Your eliminating a good percentage of people who would skip over a car if it didnt have a tach. I know that i wouldnt buy a car if it didnt have one. And if you say, well what about people who dont use it? Its alot easier and cheaper to look over and ignore one than to have to go out and buy a tach, Which, again, turns off some car buyers. Like myself. and many others.
And finally, if they dont know what a tach is......then lord help me..they really need to go and take a car class or something, because that is as well known knowledge as the speedometer or temperature gauge is.
Donald Hipp 01/02/2011
Great Money Saving Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!