Electrical Outlet in Bed

By Matt M.

F150 - electrical outlet like Toyota Tacomas.
Vincent Y 02/01/2013
My 2012 F-350 has a 120 volt outlet on the console in the rear seating area.
I want a second outlet in the bed of the truck! Right now, and extension cord does the trick, but Blue Oval can do better. I'd love to see an option for a completely independent, (Group 24) battery that could run my tools on the inverter without worry of draining my starting batteries. For less than $300 in parts, I can make one. Ford could include it and sell it as an option - and every guy I know would buy it.
joaquin r 01/27/2013
Great Idea. I can think of many uses for this. Make it 12 and 110 v dual. Please put on ALL trucks.
Stephen B 01/22/2013
Great idea! Also, an ipod/MP3 hookup would be nice to have, along with speakers for tailgating.
Michael P 01/21/2013
My brain is currently being flooded with uses for this. The bed of a pick-up is not just for storing cargo, it's a place to hang out with your friends too. Additional options could include a keyed switch to activate the outlet even when the key is not in the ignition and a battery level indicator to help avoid accidently killing your battery while you spend the night watching a meteor shower with your family from the bed of your truck.