Electric plug in for vehicles that folds flatter.

I have an Electric Focus, and all the charge handles/plugs I have seen and used, including the one that comes with the car, are meant to look like a gasoline nozzle. The problem is, that a gasoline nozzle is in a gasoline car for a few minutes, and an electric charging handle/plug is in the car for hours on end. So, this large charging handle/plug is sticking out of the car, almost a foot long, and it gets bumped into, when people pass by the car, including myself when it is dark out.  Also, the first car cover I bought from the Ford dealer in 2012 had no provision for the charge handle, and now the cover is tearing where the handle/plug and cord stick out so far!  Why can't the charging handle/plug have a hinge on it, so it can fold flatter against the car, so that it won't stick out, and be hit by people passing by?