Economy/Utility Vehicle

Consider a "true" utility vehicle. As a baseline use a 50's pickup truck and its "features": rubber mat flooring,bench seat, crank windows, manual transmission, no A/C, minimal interior treatments, Etc. The lower weight, lower cost, smaller engine (power plant TBD) vehicle offered only as a pickup and 2-door sedan no options (except color ?) . Only absolutely required safety features would be included. Priced at $9995 you would sell a million/year.
Steve Terlep/Rockledge, FL (Fusion owner)
C S 07/29/2012
Cars/trucks have had too many basic interior innovations for too long for this kind of vehicle to appeal to enough of the market to make it at all worth considering. I don't know anyone who can get along without a/c.
Noor Bakhtari 02/01/2012
The design is great, I am in love with it, Have you guys improved your Transmission performance, I would love to buy the car, but ford is known for its Transmission problems.
Christopher Kirk 01/30/2012
Steve - I don't know if Ford still offers the choice, but there is a "work truck" option (which I currently own), that offers a simple vinyl interior with rubber mats and minimal options - mine has ac, and am/fm radio, and a sliding rear window...that's it.

See my earlier comments about a standard transmission, or lack thereof. Ford lost me as a customer when they decided that it was automatic or nothing. Hope that that changes!

David Schorr 01/30/2012
...and the floor shift, 4 speed must have a 'granny' 1st gear :-)
Robert Todd 01/28/2012
That used to be called a Ranger XL work package. I have one, rubber mats, bench seat, crank windows, no air, 2.3 manual transmission. Produced up to 15 DEC 2011. Maybe your local dealer can locate one for you. Plenty of good used ones though
Joseph Little 01/28/2012
He is right, however auto and AC at the same price point would be better for commercial use. Multiple users of the vehicle will find the autotransmission more user friendly in a plant setting or a shipyard. Plus someone could tear up that manual. For my own use I would like the manual but I need that AC.
David Duggan 01/27/2012
It would sell over a million a year. Fiesta is pretty inexpensive base model. But there needs to be a truck portion to this.

I totally agree with you on the base model options. Vinyl seats, flooring and headliners pass the test of time.

They'd have to give it A/C but a mini-truck starting at $10-12000 would do very well.