Easy Tailgate Lock/Unlock

Most SUVs and Cars have an option inside the vehicle, within reach from the driver to pop the hood and trunk. Why isn't there a way to do this on a truck with the tailgate?! I got into my truck the other day after unloading some garden supplies and ran some errands. It wasn't until about 3-4 later i realized i never locked my tailgate. In those 3-4 days someone could have stolen it right off my truck. The tailgate is one of the most important things on a truck, especially a Ford Truck. If the tailgate is stolen, thats alot of money you have to spend to replace, and in that time, there is no backup camera or sensors working. 

My idea is to have a "Tailgate Lock/Unlock" button inside the vehicle, within reach from the driver. Possbile down by the "Hood release." This would give the driver the option to unlock and lock the tailgate while they are in the vehicle. They would also be able to unlock and lock the tailgate without having to turn off the truck and remove the keys. The "Tailgate Unlock/Lock" button could also be lit, just like the "Passenger Airbag" warning. It displays the "Status" of the tailgate as either being locked or unlocked so the driver knows before they drive off or when they are parking if their tailgate is secured or not. 

I'm sure there are alot of us out there that carry cargo, lock and unlock our tailgates all the time and know this idea would help with convience, security, and the safe knowing that your tailgate is locked and secured without having to get out of the truck with the keys and check. 

Please everyne vote on this and lets see if Ford will listen and make this happen for us!