easy steering

People like me, with mastectomies, are still driving but with difficulties, you see, most often a surgery takes away our strength in our arms and our nerve endings are affected too-wouldn't it be nice if we had easy glide steering that could make the drive to the doctor easier? Or what about a pulse/vibrator built into the upper part of the seat where we have the most pain that comes from our shoulders. or are dealing with Lymphedema-this is not just a few cases I'm referring to, this is widespread issues that affect hundreds of thousands of women, not to mention heart patients that have had surgery. It's all about comfort in our world!!!
Aaron K 09/14/2012
As you've said, accessibility is important for many. There are companies that specialize in retrofitting comfort/accessibility options onto nearly any vehicle for the purposes you described. The demand for it is so low, that manufacturers could never offer these type of comfort options on a production vehicle and hope to make any profit. Your best bet is to choose a car that's as close to your ideal as possible, then for the rest, employ a specialist.
I am a stage iii triple negative BC survivor 12 yrs from my diagnosis date. Clean check-ups so far! I strongly agree with the above suggestions. BC affects so many lives and new comfort offerings from Ford would be nice. Remember, women not only drive but they drive to work, the store, numerous practices and games, doctors appointments for kids, grandparents etc, and the occaisional road trip. We need a little more comfort and TLC. Go Warriors!