Driver's Side Memory

For all models that include a power driver's seat, I'd like to see a memory option. I was disappointed when I didn't find one even in the highest priced option package on the new C-Max.
Ed M 07/14/2014
Agreed.  Perhaps mirror position, too.  In my Volvo's, I had one setting for "local driving" and another for "highway driving" where I have the seat higher up and farther forward and need to adjust mirrors accordingly.  
Valerie G 07/23/2013
Great idea, Joel.  I was only going to ask for heated cloth seats as an option on the C-max Sel.  But also having the driver's memory seat and not just a power seat would be even better.  I'd quit looking at Hondas and go with the C-max if I could get that. 
Valerie G 07/23/2013
Wow! I'd love to have memory seats in the C-max SEL.  I also wish I could cloth, heated in the SEL.  I don't like leather in the summer and this has been a hot one. 
Joel A 02/23/2013
Yes!! Why does the Fusion have memory seats at the SE trip and the C-Max doesn't at the SEL trim? That doesn't make sense
Roman S 12/18/2012
Yes, I'd find it really useful too, can't be that hard