Driver's seat

As I get older smaller vehicles get more uncomfortable. the driver's seat is occupied 100% of the time; why isn't it the throne of the vehicle? there should be optional wider drivers seats. I'm tall the seat should be able to move back farther. Why is there always concern about leg space behind driver's seat. The seat could be wider why always split room with passenger? the vast majority of the time there is only one person in a car. create driver seat design options with that in mind.
Brian S 04/03/2012
my problem is not with the size of the driver's seat in the vehicles I drive - in most cases it's more than adequate, even in a car like the late model Focus which is considered a "small car". and I am not a puny individual, 6' and 195 lbs.

my problem is, in a daily driver vehicle the driver's seat needs to be much more durable. why not use special materials where the driver's seat is concerned, to make it much more durable and comfortable for daily commutes than the rest of the seats. my back seat is unoccupied 90% of the time and passenger seat is empty about 70% of the time. These also suffer through less wear and tear naturally.
J C B 04/02/2012
The gentleman suggested making the wider driver seat an OPTION not a standard feature. Personally I think it is an excellent idea.
JC Barnett 04/02/2012
The gentleman asked if it could be an OPTION not in every vehicle.
N. R 03/25/2012
Well, there's a few problems with that. Making the driver's seat wider would bring in complaints from shorter people that the seats are too big and hard to drive with, and people who car-pool and have kids will complain that the large driver's seat is taking too much extra space. I'm quite tall myself, so I understand the issue but as far as this goes Ford just can't please everyone.