Driver side Glove Box

Having only one glove box is lame right? well as a driver you can have your own glove box that is big enough to fit your stuff in without getting in the way, and have two glove boxes instead of one so both the passenger and driver can be happy and no more reaching over to get somthing when it is right at your fingertips! plus if you run out of room in the passenger side glove box you have another. and if you get pulled lets hope not your car isurance card etc is right there to give to the officer. also the glove box has its own lighting and it should also have a led emblem that lights up with the logo of the car you are driving.
Fields K 09/22/2014
The glove box will be a big enough size but not the same size as a full Glove box, you will have plenty of room. it will be be the steering wheel under it to the left, but on new concept models it could be put into the design by Ford, Its a great idea and I enjoy your feedback what else should it have to better it?
Austin T 09/09/2014
And where is this "box" going to fit?
art h 08/26/2014
Suggestion don't get pulled over.