Driver legroom

I have a 2009 Flex without the telescoping steering wheel [unfortunately, didn't seem to be an option then].  I find that my left leg gets cramped because of the wheel housing and the power seat track is too limited to allow my legs to stretch out fully.

With the telescoping steering wheel now available, it may be that the track has been extended.  If not, it should be.  There is room for the proverbial 800 lb. gorilla in the second row.

I'd like to see the telescoping steering wheel and extended track as an option on all Ford vehicles.  While second row space in nice, most often it is unused. My youngest son, at 6'3" gave up on finding a comfortable Ford car and didn't want to buy a truck.  Ended up with an Audi that allowed him to stretch is long frame fully.  I wasn't thrilled with that.
art h 03/01/2014
Check your owners manual. Your car has this feature. its standard equipment.