Please keep the Ranger in your lineup. There's no need for an epic redesign, just keep making it. No other truck in its segment compares to the cost effectiveness of the Ranger. It's a great truck and still keeps up with the competition quite well. They are simple to work on, parts are cheap and abundant, they're good on gas, great offroad, and can carry most anything for the average person, all while being stylish and affordable. There's also a huge following (just check out or, and plenty of aftermarket parts available. You guys have started a great thing, dont end it!
john whalen 02/16/2012
I wish Ford or any other manufacturer for that matter would realize many people would love to have a small pickup of old ranger's size with true offroad prowess. Keep it simple and bulletproof with a solid axle, offer a true offroad package with a low gear ratio and e-lockers F&R. There's just nothing out there in the small truck market with the capabilities of the Jeep Rubicon and Dodge Powerwagon. If people don't think there's want or need for a vehicle like this just take a look on Craigslist and see what the old early to mid 80's Toyotas are going for.
rob ward 08/19/2010
I would rather see the ranger die offf then see Ford turn it into the car like ranger max concept. The current ranger is actually a capable truck and appears to be such, their concept looks like if it saw mud it would turn and run. Don't hope for a boxed frame, they probably will go unibody like they did with the exploder, just what ford needs another crossover and a ridgeline fighter.

They are no longer in the business of building capable compact trucks, they now focus on hauling soccer teams and daisy's around.
Tom S. 08/03/2010
I think you guys should update the current Ranger, like a fully boxed frame, offer the 2.5 ecoboost and a 3.5 ecoboost and a regular 2.3 for a base model, and give it a new interior. Then just refresh the exterior to match todays ford truck lineup. That way you can save money by not having to design a whole new Ranger, and all the Ranger fans would appreciate it being easy to work on still, and it should be reliable too since it would keep most of the good stuff.
Howard T. 07/28/2010
The bed of the ranger should be strengthened or at the very least the channel that runs behind the cab. I was looking at one at a dealer and grabbed the front channel and was able to flex it back and forth. That will be the first thing to bend when hit by a sliding object.