do away with keys

By Ana G.

Everyone has a smartphone and keys, but keys get in the way. So implement control of your car through NFC. For example, there would be an NFC tag in every door, when you swipe your phone it would unlock the door to let you in and when you are inside the car, you just place your phone in an NFC enabled phone dock and it would automatically start your vehicle and have all your presets come up for you like radio, climate control and seat presets and you're off to your destination.
Isaac J 01/02/2013
But then if someone steals your phone or you lose your phone, then what? Cell phones nowadays are more commonly misplaced than keys are. If you lose it, drop it, or damage it in any way, then you are without a phone AND a car because you cant drive it without your phone! Ford....KEEP the keys!
Kurtis S 12/30/2012
Cool idea. But remember that not everyone has a SMART phone, so this should be an option. Don't forget us gray hairs.