Divided engine/petroleum hybrid

By Jude A.

What if there is is a car two engine,one in the front and one in the back, four seater or more and it is fuel efficeient.for example,you have a 4 cylinder engine with 200 or 450 horse power then you divide it into two,you install one behind has and the other in the front with each each engine having the same hp.instead of having a four wheel drive  with only one engine and one transmittion that goes to all the four wheels and decreases fuel efficeiaency,you two transmittion for each engine.this will also act like a hybrid in the event when one engine fails the owner or the driver will continue on the other work engine.I personally think
that this car will benefit Bussiness men for esample Sanators traveling alone or famillies in a truck,van, mini van taking long trip.it will have two automatic shift control one for each engine. post this concept on Facebook or youtube and see how many people that will like it.

Jude A 03/28/2014
One can be air cooled and the other liquid cooled.
Jude A 03/19/2014
I also meant dividing the cylinders too. Install on in front and one behind.
Jude A 03/15/2014
The cylinders divided too like 4 cylinders divided in to two Or 6 cylinders divided divided in to 2 cylinders. Then install one front and the other behind.
Jude A 03/13/2014
I also meant dividing the cylinder except the two cylinders has the same horse power.
Jude A 03/12/2014
The rear engine may be air cooled to reduce wiegt and less maintainance.
Jude A 03/12/2014
I meant 200 divided into 2 or 400 divided into 2. What if chrome is added to some part of the body to make it weigh less.
William S 12/08/2013
Having two 200 horsepower engines is very likely to be much less efficient than a single 400 horsepower engine especially considering the extra weight and components involved. A 200 horsepower engine does not weight half of what a 400 horsepower engine does, often they'll weight nearly the same.