Digital speedomter display 2013 Escape

Upgrade the display software to include a digital speedometer in the info display that includes trip and misc. data in-between the tach and anolog speedometer on the drivers side of the dash of the 2013 Ford Escape. This will enhance the easy of viewing your speed without looking lower into the dash at the anolog speedometer.

Your vision is lowered too much viewing the anolog speedometer and takes your eyes off the road.

Fernando Borjas 04/24/2014
Dealers should update everyones escapes like they do whenever my ford touch software gets updated.
john p 03/09/2014
This should have been part of the last cluster update that made the rest of the cluster match the job 2 Escapes. (If you've been updated to it, you now have instant mpg on the quad screen instead of the timer you couldn't stop).
guest 02/12/2014
This is a huge complaint for me. Pretty simple upgrade. I was contemplating just putting in my garmin gps so I will have the digital speedometer
Nevins F 01/27/2014
Seems to me all it would take is a simple software upgrade.  My ride already knows how fast I am going when I use the Cruise Control and we all know the onboard computer has that information already available.  It sure would be nice if Ford would make the upgrade so we can just sync and have it!
Justin H 01/24/2014
The 2014s that are built 11/13 and 12/13 and on seem to have this and now it is showing in the owner's manual. I have a 2014 escape that was built in August of 2013 and I don't have this feature. I am disappointed and would like this feature to be added to 2013 and 2014 escapes that don't have it.
Bill 01/21/2014
A digital speedo is indicated in the 2014 Escape Owner's Manual but does not appear as directed. This is a major disappointment.
Timothy S 10/24/2013
This is number one on my list.
Joe B 06/29/2013
This feature is standard on GM products
I cannot believe this is not a standard safety feature on any new car with a digital display on the dashboard. I wish I could vote for this 100 times.