Diesel Ranger

I would like to see ford bring back the ranger with a 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine and 4x4 capability, maybe even offer a 4 door. I think that a small turbo diesel pickup that got 35 miles to the gallon ( not impossible by any standard) would sell like crazy, you could even offer a longer warranty on a diesel engine. Ford, if you use thiss idea, how about sending me the first one off the line for free, FORD MAN FOR LIFE
Brian G 03/15/2013
I see a few 4 door ranger diesel's in Italy. It's about the same size as the Explorer Sport Track but it has a much better look. I agree with David K, an optional 3.5L ecoboost would put the ranger in a new category of both fuel efficiency and towing. If a 2L diesel will give enough towing for a watercraft up to 4k lbs without making the truck unstable, this would cover a large range of use for several customers. Also in Italy, they pull small trailers with even the fiesta and focus, not like hauling a load of rock or dirt, point is that a small platform can still haul and tow.
David K 02/21/2013
I just want to make a comment on your diesel ranger, while I was in afghanistan I drove in one of the over seas 4 door diesel rangers and they were a piece of crap. Could Ford make a better one sure they could but with the ecoboost (2.0 that is now in the fusion) gets you about 34 mpg an idea. I would like to see the 3.5L ecoboost (same as the F150) in the ranger you will get better mpg due to the weight difference. Not bashing your Idea just my experience in one of those diesels.
Tom H 02/17/2013
I will not buy a new ford vehicle until they start sell the diesel Ranger in the US. I have no desire at all to drive full size F150 etc. The first manufacture to offer one will get my business for life.
Aaron M 02/14/2013
This is a good idea, but why limit to 4 cylinder, could be 3, 4, 5 or 6. Crew cab would be nice option. Shared platform with Bronco would be great!