design feedback

It would be great if Ford would initiate a design contest where Ford drivers and potential consumers could help with the design process.  Leverage the ideas and opinions of their customer base.  For example, giving 5 new car color options and having a poll for users to select the next new Ford Explorer color.
Cole Watson 07/31/2014
I have a 2014 Ford Escape SE with the 201A package and navigation (2.0 engine) - the car is rock solid -  When you get to the lift gate a simple design change would really increase my satisfaction - since i don't have the power liftgate there is no way to adjust the height on the rear hatch.  We opened it in the garage and it opens really high and scratched it the first day we brought it home - we had a had when I was a kid and you could adjust the shock so it would not open that high.  - I have to pull the car out of the garage to load it or unload groceries and my wife is short so getting the hatch down take a hop -- 2nd - the car is rock solid in the front - I can bank on the dash - it seems really solid.  The first day after we scratched that hatch we broke apart the handle where it plugs into the liftgate becuase it just snaps in there.  Its a poor design and really takes away from the quality of the car - Ford has come a long way and I wish you would look into this.  The last thing I want to do is put the rear hatch back together the whole 2 years I own this lease.  Anything with a handle should be built rock solid.  This seems like its a corner that has been cut in the design process.  Thank you for listening.