Dead Pedal on Focus ST

The 2013 Focus ST has no cover over the dead pedal area, just the same carpet as the rest of the floor. That part will see significant use, so I would expect the carpet to wear thin there. Also, aesthetically it just gives a cleaner look to have something other than carpet in that area. Most cars in the same class have a dead pedal cover in the same material/metal as the rest of the pedals. Adding this to the ST is a no-brainer. Whether a standard option for the factory, or a Ford aftermarket add-on, I'd buy it.
Brian K 05/02/2014
I have a little over 1000km on my ST, and already the carpet is beginning to wear. This is a part that Ford needs to sell in N/A, perhaps at a discount for current ST owners.
Chance F 02/26/2014
... that's it? Nothing for a year? a 1989 Honda Civic has a dead pedal...
Jonathan H 08/10/2013
I would like something to match the stock pedals to protect the carpet. This car needs a dead pedal.
Chance F 08/05/2013
It's rushed to market, but this stuff should just show up on our cars since there in the shop so frequently.
Vincent C 01/23/2013
Good idea. Also need to raise the accelerator pedal up for better heal-to-toe action.
Jef H 12/08/2012
The European Focus ST has a matching dead pedal. Shame to Ford for not including this 5$ part on the North-American version. Seriously Ford?!
Kenneth B 09/10/2012
I agree, a dead pedal should have been there from the start.
Joe Mioduszewski 09/04/2012
I wanted a dead pedal on my 2012 Focus SE 5-speed manual also. It's a natural place to rest your foot, and will look bad after a couple years I suspect.