Hello, with the amount of gadgets that are now available for vehicles, be it sat navs, speed camera detectors, augmented reality displays, they all live very at a very high position on the dashboard. They are either mounted to the the surface of the dash, or stuck to the wind shield, or side window, for easy visibility of the driver while driving along. Before it's said, not all cars come with sat nav's built in. I am talking about the rest of the population who cannot afford such a spec of car.

To use the devices they need power, and usually the cigarette lighter / power supply outlet is located such a long distance away, you have to have unsightly, dangerous power cables draped over the steering column, or gear stick (dependent on where the power outlet is in the vehicle)... in order to keep the devices powered. What I would like to see is a double or at least single power outlet on the dashboard facing upwards, and not towards the driver. This would mean a drastic decrease in power supply cables, safer environment for the driver, and no hindrances when driving / steering / changing gear caused by snagged cables.

For such a power point to exist, I believe would take minimal effort on FORDS part, and would make the driving experience so much better. I have had vehicles where the power supply is ONLY in the center colum of the car, or very low down on the dashboard, even some where there has been now power outlet at all.

So all I am asking is a power outlet on the dash board off to the far side of which ever is the driving side of the vehicle, SPECIFICALLY for dash mounted devices.... if its not in use, then a cap of the same colour as the dash could be applied, so that it blends in and not seen when not in use.

What do you think ???