I am the owner of a 2011 Lincoln MKS and I like my car very much however I have several suggestions for future models:

Cruise control buttons:
Too many control buttons on MKS. My 2001 Acura TL does it with 2 buttons (accelerate/resume and set/decelerate) separated by an elevated cancel. Easy to do without looking while driving a highway at 70 MPH. Hard to do without looking at the controls on the MKS because it has too many buttons.

The MKS should have the option to unlock automatically when I approach the car and lock automatically when I walk away. It also should have the option to open OTHER doors when I approach the car. Now I have to open the door and use the inside unlock button to open the other doors or reach into my pocket to use the remote.

Ride:Ride with the high performance tires is too firm.