Crack the windows (1 inch down) with the touch of a button

On those hot days, when it is nessesary to leave the window cracked, it would be great to have one button that will automattically roll the windows down about 1 inch. Currently, the windows  (I have a ford escapge) have a feature where they will roll all the way down with one touch, while I like this feature, it makes it very hard to get all of the windows to only roll down a little bit. 

Joseph S 01/09/2014
Great idea. This is primarially a software upgrade. Ford could make it standard on new cars and a low cost ($50-150) upgrade for current late model owners. It might require a new key fob and should require a dealer visit. That way Ford wins along with its customers. A million current owners, each on the local dealer's lot while the upgrade is installed. A potential sales bonanza.
tom E 08/15/2013
I agree. I have window visors and it is very hard to get the window to go up and close all the way or stop leaving them open an inch or two. With the visors it thinks something is in the window and goes back down. Sometimes I sit there looking like an ideit with the windows going up and down.