courtesy horn

Not sure if convenience is the right category. I am not a horn user per se unless there is dangerous situation. But, I think everyone has been behind a driver that has not realized the light is green. I don't want to horn-yell at some 90 year old woman, but I would like to alert him or her to the fact that the light is green. I think we need two horn sounds.
Kat T 10/30/2012
Yes, I just signed on here to suggest a courtesy horn. I have been waiting for years for this useful feature to be added to cars. Sometimes, I need to let the person ahead of me know the light changed and when I beep my horn it is too harsh and sounds like I'm mad at them as opposed to alerting them. With road rage as it is, I am not anxious to upset anyone.
Howard R 09/16/2012
Yeah I've always thought the same thing! You could even have different sounds -like one that is a reminder as Elise suggested but even one that is a "Thank You!" sound that is pleasant enough to be interpreted as exactly that meaning.