Cooled seats

Heated and cooled front passenger and driver seats.
Michael L 07/25/2012
explorer limited has heated/cooled seats. not sure about other models
Jeff T 07/05/2012
Agree, It really should come on the new 2013 Ford Fusions (Please, Please, I am buying the Energi Plug-in when it comes out). The competitor KIA (I hate KIA) and Hyundai both have them. KIA even has a cool glove box to keep drinks cool (not sure how that works, but the seats were really cool).
Isaac Johnson 02/01/2012
Agreed. Many automakers only offer ONE of the two options. I strongly suggest that if Heated front seats are offered for those brutal winters, then Cooled front seats should be available as well for the brutal summer months.
art hansen 01/31/2012
Check out the Ford Taurus SHO