cool cup

I think Ford should make a cool to warm cup holder. Think about it? How many times have you wasted your beverage due to leaving it in the car on a hot summer day. Or wasted your coffee because it got cold, I don't like cold coffee do you? So I think you guys should install cold to hot cup holders.
Ford Social 09/05/2013
Hi Martin B!

The Hot/Cold cup holder idea has been submitted several times over the past couple of years. It is possible that your idea submission was received at the same time as another similar idea as it appears to be a popular suggestion among Ford Social members.

Ford Social Moderation Team
Martin B 08/15/2013
I submitted this a year ago as it is a great idea.
When you do a search on it and nothing comes up.
What does it take to get something submitted?
Do things get deleted if they don't want it on the site?