convertibles for ALL

I would like to see Ford Motor show the world a new convertible--Chrysler has the Sebring, Pontiac had the G-6 allowing people of all ages to enjoy a warm summer evening with the top down--why Ford has not kept up with mid size autos that are
convertibles I can't guess. The Mustang is known as a muscle car--and for young people, why can't middle age enjoy the top down aspect of an auto too. Your losing a big market share to other companies and that is plain silly--make the Fusion a convertible and I'll be the first one to purchase it. In fact it would be such a huge
hit I can see them all over the road now in red, black, silver--oh yeah bring it on. by the
way we drive a F-150 Lariat and its over the top Wonderful !!!
Andy B 08/14/2012
There's an awful lot of us with white hair that would love to put the top down again like we did in the '60's. Especially now that we have the money to afford what we really want.
Jake J 07/15/2012
Ford needs to join in on this market!!! Especially since GM no longer has an affordable covertible, besides the camaro.
Johann S 05/01/2012
My convertible Mustang rocks, but I am sad I can only bring 3 others with me. I too would like either: a convertible family car (with some type of rollover protection) or a Pana-Vista roof option on Fusion & Taurus.
Leah 04/26/2012
I really don't think that is an accurate statement these days. Yes, Mustang has always been thought of as a muscle car, but I would not say that it is only geared to young people. I am almost 40 and love my Mustang convertible. I have owned my baby for almost 6 years and can see driving her for a very long time. I opted for the V6 engine because I did not need all the power that the V8 offered. I think that the Mustang has a new image that it is not only for young people but for people who enjoy a fine looking car with a little rumble under the hood (with or without a top).