Communicating with Ford Inc

A portal of some sort on a site like this for real two way discussion on product ideas with Ford or to simply ask questions and make suggestions.  Ford is definitely on the right track at the moment, but still hasn't fulfilled our wish to see products made available in the U.S. that are available in places like Europe.

The Fiesta 1L EcoBoost can be used as one example.  At the Ford U.K. site you can configure a 1L EcoBoost Fiesta in more than one trim level.  In the U.S. we can only order a very basic 1L EcoBoost with steel wheels and very few options. In the U.K., I can configure that 1L EcoBoost in Titanium Trim, with a host of interior and exterior options that include leather seats, 17 inch alloy wheels, and even a very sporty looking Body Kit.  

Why can't we option our version of the Fiesta 1L EcoBoost like the British customers can?  Young drivers and even us older ones would love to be able to buy this car with more option choices.  Frugal and Sporty looking is a good combination.     
JOHN C 01/14/2014
This's a issue for me also, since the internet access to web sites outside the USA. We except more from Ford than ever before, I am hoping that they can/will deliver.
Mike Kral 01/11/2014
I've always been a Ford Guy. I,m a family man. My driver is a beautiful 1968 Galaxie XL GT. Full size muscle car. I'm not buying a new car until ford produces a full size muscle car. I like the Taurus, but my old 428 wiil blow the doors off the SHO! Why don't you put the 5.0 mustang engine in a full size car, to compete with the Charger and the new Chevy SS?