Comment and Idea I have for Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company:

I was informed by a new car sale representative at a Ford dealership that Ford Motor Company will not be offering any pickup trucks (F-100, T6) under the size of the F-150 for the 2014 model year. You have no idea how much that disappoints me. I don't understand why Ford Motor Company will not allow a choice in either purchasing a mid-size or full size pickup truck. Not all people need or are interested in a full size pickup truck built for work. I prefer to buy a Ford pickup truck because of quality and durability.
For the 2014 model year, can Ford Motor Company offer a F-150 pickup truck built from the F-150 platform that is slightly shorter in height and length than the regular F-150 pickup truck? Offer a small and regular version of the F-150 pickup truck.
Moving along, U.S. automakers for the longest time have put gasoline internal combustion engines in production vehicles. It is time for a change. Why not allow pressurized air to operate a vehicle engine instead of gasoline or electricity? No buying gasoline, no paying for additional electricity to charge hybrid vehicles, and no tanks filled with air/compressed air to be bought or refilled. When a 2-stage automotive device is designed and built that can draw-in natural air and then compress (pressurize) it, the automobile manufacturing industry will be revolutionized.
Pressurized natural air can then be fed through hoses/tubing to various functioning parts of a vehicle which operate on pressurized natural air. (i.e. Engine, Transmission,
Brakes, Suspension, and Vehicle Windows)
Technology already exist to convert a gasoline internal combustion engine over to an
engine that operates on pressurized air. Have Ford Motor Company ever considered producing a inline (6) pistons engine or flat (6) pistons engine?
J. Harley M 06/29/2013
RIGHT ON, everyone!! Those big behemoths of trucks are ridiculous, especially a 4-door truck! What's wrong with this picture?
jim f 03/21/2013
Yes, it is time for technology to yeild something newer than the internal combustion engine. Compressed air, electric motors, squirel power, what ever. I'm very tired of gasoline.
Paul A 02/13/2013
Acctually Hydraulic power would be more sensible and realistic. Air can be compressed and you would have a massive loss when trying to turn over an engine with it, especially at the rate you would need to drive.
Stan U 02/08/2013
What compresses the air and how much energy is used to do that? It is not an economical solution.
Seth R 02/07/2013
Bring back the ranger, or make a smaller f-series.