Comfortable Seats

I hate to say this, but Ford seats are the most uncomfortable car/truck seats out there. Chevy has seats that are more like pillow-top mattresses. So comfortable. Please Ford, rethink the comfort of your seats. Even your leather seats are hard as a rock. It's not enticing to buy a vehicle that you constantly have to shift positions to remain comfortable.
William Olsson 08/25/2014
The driver's seat in my F150 XLT is unbearable. I can't sit in it for more than a few minutes without horrible leg cramps and pain in my hips. I've never experienced anythign like it. Just drove two different midsize rental cars for a week and had no issues at all. I'm goign to have to trade it in after only three months. Whatever loss I take wont be as bad as making payments on a truck I wont drive unless I just absolutely have to. Nice job Ford. I should have stuck with Toyota. 
Susan 07/24/2014
Just bought a new 2014 Mustang GT CalSpecial convertible two weeks ago. I've had head & neck pain since day 2. Love the car but dang, starting to think this was a huge, expensive mistake. After a quick google search, I am not alone. Now I know why there are so many used ones available.
Michael 06/22/2014
I briefly owned a 2012 Ford Taurus Limited with leather seats and they were the holy grail of the worst automobile seats I ever sat in. Talk about flat, hard and unsupportive seats. They were the worst. A long time ago I owned a '79 Mustang Ghia that had super soft leather seats. Those seats were some of the most comfortable I've sat in. I sat in a 2014 Mustang GT and found the seats equally as bad as my Taurus. Why is this? You'd think with today's "high tech" materials and designs that we'd have some wonderful seat designs nowadays, but it's surely no the case.
Sara 06/15/2014
Unfortunately, I have to agree. My back hurt so bad, I had to see if others felt the same way....I see I am not alone.
My husband wants a new truck, I hope it's not a Ford....sorry.
dale hope 05/21/2014
Agree with the customers that say that Ford 150's have uncomfortable seats. We have a new 150 Larriat and I can not drive the truck...I have had to drive another car. My back gets numb after a few minutes...
Dan 08/29/2013
I agree Heidi and Jessica, the front seats in my 2013 F-150 are completely uncomfortable.  Actually they are the most uncomfortable seat that I have ever experienced in any type of vehicle, even compact cars.   I have to shift positions constantly and I am actually sore after long trips.  I tried almost everything from seat cushions to shimming up the back end.  I have been looking for a replacement seat that is not manufactured by Ford but I have not been successful.   I may just trade in the vehicle and buy something other than Ford.   
Heidi Sullivan 11/02/2011
I agree with Jessica! I am actually planning on sending an email to Ford about this. I feel like I should have more comfortable seats after spending over $40k on a new F-150 Ecoboost. I think I am an average sized female (5'8"/155 lbs) and I'm constantly having to readjust myself in the driver's seat. My back hurts after long trips and I can never get comfortable. I think Ford assumes that only 300 lb men buy F-150's because it seems like that's who the seats are designed for! Hey Ford! Average sized WOMEN drive F-150's too!
Brad Krekelberg 10/31/2011
I disagree. I loved the leather seats in my Milan, and the seats in my Focus are nicely shaped and very supportive in the right places. Plus, I love how the headrests are angled forward to support my head. Cushy doesn't translate to comfortable in my opinion. If you want cushy, buy a 1970s Lincoln.