Comfort vs cramped

Today I visited our local Ford. I am interested in trading in my 2007 Ford Five Hundred. I hate to do it, because I love my car. I love the roominess in the drivers seat and in the back seat, as a passenger. I love the huge trunk my Five Hundred has too. The problem that I experience, which prevents me from purchasing a new Ford, is that the center console is too wide on the 2014 Taurus. I feel cramped. I am not a small person. I actually felt more comfortable in the Fusion. I won't get the Fusion because the back seat is too cramped for passengers. I am hoping the design of the 2015 Taurus has some modifications to give the driver more space. I suppose my problem that is most bothersome is the height/length of the console, especially at my thigh. Maybe the 2014 console is a bit wider than my car too. I would also like the designers to know the honeycomb grill draws attention, along with the chrome. I get so many comments on my Five Hundred from complete strangers. My car is black and has the chrome package. 
I won a 2014 Ford Fusion and I agree with the comments here about the room inside. It seems like the Ford designers were looking to make the interior look and feel like a sport car cockpit. If I had wanted a cockpit I would have bought a plane.
art h 06/22/2014
the problem is people want 50 cup holders and there are 4 in the console how rediclous. Why would 2 people in the front seat need 2 drinks apiece. I agree dump some cupholders and make some room. I have a 2012 sho. they should outlaw cupholders in cars. then people wouldnt eat in there cars.