Comfort & protection for eyes

I am an eye specialist working in Bangalore. I need to drive more than 70 kilometeres a day. I had a thought of improving the car designs by making the windshields and window glasses with UV-400 coating. This coating will prevent the entry of harmful ultraviolet(UV) rays in the car during daytime driving in sunny seasons especially in a country like India. UV rays are potentially harmful not only to the eyes but also to the skin. They predispose to various skin cancers. In the eyes, UV rays cause early cataracts and other ocular disorders. Good UV-400 coated goggles will protect the eyes, but not the skin.Another problem which most of the users face is glare problem. Glares cause discomfort during night driving and also during day time the reflected sunlight causes eye discomfort. This problem can be solved by use of polarised glasses in the windshield. I am sure this will be a boon to the night drivers who are blinded by the glares from high beam vehicular lights.Another idea is the use of a photochromatic coating in the window glass. Photochromatic glasses change colour with the intensity of surrounding light. If we are travelling in the daytime with heavy sunlight, the glasses become dark and prevent excessive light entering the car. Further in the evening & night time these will lose the dark tint to allow a good view from the windows. If a dark film is used they hinder the night time view from the window glass. So a photochromatic glass becomes really a comfortable option for car users. To summarise, the windshield can be UV400 coated and polarised. The window glasses would be UV400 coated and photochromatic. This would make the driving experience really comfortable to the eyes and prevent many harmful rays.Well, I am not a car maker, but as an eye specialist and a regular car user I feel that these suggestions would make a big difference in the day to day driving experience.I hope that your esteemed company would do more research and development in this view and take our vehicles to better standards.
Pani P 09/16/2014
I am not sure photochromatic glass changes quickly enough to adjust from bright sunlight to a darker tunnel, which would be a safety issue. I have been using a cheap tinted plastic attachment but would prefer a more elegant solution that is built-in.
John E. C 09/06/2014
Photochromatic Films or coating degrade/darken over time, which would have to be considered. Polorized glass and Polorized sunglass would have to be polorized in the same, (vertical or horizontal plane.