CMax Energi battery pack

By Paul S.

I would like Ford to redesign or relocate the battery pack in the CMax Energi. It takes up way too much room in the cargo area, rendering it virtually useless!

Despite a bad experience at the Phoenix Auto Show from the Ford rep, I still feel the Energi idea is great. Far ahead of the Toyota offerings-with the exception of the battery! I am holding out for a redo!

By the way, just last week, I helped my daughter purchase a '14 Focus Hatch to replace her '89 Cougar.
James M 03/10/2014
It may not be ideal, having been retrofitted in there. But the CMax trunk is far from useless. I can easily fit 7 grocery bags in there easily.
Brad B 10/19/2013
Hey Ford ! Please get up with Paul S. and show him a regular C-Max Hybrid. My C-Max (Herbie) has plenty of room, yes I'd like to see a spare tire, but maybe in the future.