Classic car throwback

Who thinks ford should bring back classic cars like the 1964ford mustang or ford f100 or any cars from the 50's 60's70's80's with the same body style but with todays technology and equipment for a classic car throwback and ford is the one that will only have it
Rose S 11/24/2013
I was just putting together a paper for my school project on this. I would love to see the classic Mustang with modern technology and choice of engine type. Could even have modern mapping and voice command technology. There is just something special about the classic car body styles.
Wesley W 08/10/2012
i like that
Kevin G 07/05/2012
I like that idea. I always thought it would be cool if they would bring back the classic Ford Fairlane as an all electric car and call it the Fairaday (Faraday). The only people to actually get that play on words would probably be electrical engineers.