City driving cruise control

I had a 1964 buick LeSabre that had an adjustable needle on the speedometer. You would set it at whatever speed you wanted and whenever you hit that speed a buzzer would sound. I really wish I had something like this on my vehicle. It is kind of like a cruise control for city driving. I envision six easy to reach preset buttons. On/Off and preset 1-5. You preset them to whatever speed you like (lets say 25 mph, 35, 45, 55, 60). The operator could push the 35 mph button when he knows he's in a 35 mph speed limit stretch of road. If the operator preset the 35 mph button to lets say 38 mph he would get an audible warning. The operator would then slow down slightly until the buzzer stopped. The advantage of all this is 1) Remain in full control of throttle during city driving when normal cruise control is cumbersome. 2)Not having to continually monitor speedometer 3) The security knowing that as long as you have the correct speed setting selected you won't be speeding and won't get a ticket. There would need to be more development but this would be an easy addition to any new car as most of the upgrade would be software. I think this would be just one more of those options that people would love. Get a 1964 Buick Lesabre and try it. It's great. Hope this helps out Ford.
John D 05/05/2013
I feel a buzzer isnt very gentle. Maybe like a vibrating steering wheel and if that doesn't slow them down then a gentle warning sound followed by a buzzer.