Change fabric on 2012 Focus SE seats

By Tom Q.

The new fabric may provide good marks from a sustainability perspective, the Ford design group which finalized fabric choice must not perspire from outdoor activity otherwise why accept fabric that stains when getting into the vehicle? Getting into the car after playing two hours of tennis leaves a residue stain which the dealer nor recommended cleaning products can remedy.

Hello aftermarket seat covers with an unexpected expense.
Tracey Hinton 08/12/2013
Worst material ever! I think they should have a recall for the seats like they have a recall for anything else. I have never had seat material that stained that bad. I have only had my car since April 2013 and the stains are horrible. Even if it rains the rains drops will create a circle on the seat from just having the door open. And the dog hair--oh ya. Have 2 dogs that don't show a lot of hair on furniture. Looked like a dog bomb went off in my car after they got out. Had to use a lint roller and that took a while! Whoever chose this fabric should be fired. I'm embarrassed to let anyone in my car.
barbara r 10/20/2012
Not only stains but hair sticks to it like its growing out of the seats. could not imagine letting a pet in the car
Ralph P 10/02/2012
Worst seat fabric ever. I can't wait to see them in 3 years. At every place there's a stitch the fabric is beginning to pill.
Ralph P 09/16/2012
I gave up a Honda Civic for the a new 2012 focus - never had a staining problem like I do now.
Ralph P 09/16/2012
I must concur. I can't remove stains from the seats that are from coca cola or even coffee. Nothing works.
Brad B 08/07/2012
Hey Tom Q ! Two words ... Scotch Guard. Having raised children you learn to love that stuff. Either take the Car to a detailer and get the seats cleaned, or buy a light duty hand held steamer like the Shark and clean the seats. Now buy a can of Scotch Guard from Pep Boys, NAPA or others and simply treat them as the instructions recommend, these cleaners and guards are too available for leather. That will take care of the problem. I been there, done that, and got the "T" shirt. By the way, chewing gum is the tuffest, you'll see.