cargo net

By Bish B.

Prior to 2013, several suv models had a 2 piece rear door which allwed us to open the upper 1/2 of the door leaving the bottom 1/2 closed which made storage easier because stuff could actually lean against the bottom 1/2. The 2013 Escapes now have a single piece door. With the door open, it is necessary to stack grocery bags (for instance) wiht a slope that keeps them from sliding out, thus losing a substantial amount of storage.

How about designing a Cargo net to extent across the lower portion of the rear area. I believe one about 18-20'' high with a 2" web would be suitable. The snaps/latches/hooks on the ends should be easy to access and utilize.
Thomas G 05/22/2013
My thoughts exactly! The extra storage space in the rear of the 2012 is useless if everything falls out when you open the hatch. Chevy Equinox has a cargo net that stretches across the back to prevent this. Not sure why hold downs, at a minimum were not built into the 2012 Escape.