cabin room

It seems to me that since the 70's the amount of legroom in the rear seat had diminished to the point that it's almost non existant. In fact, if you look at cars today, there's very little room to move around at all inside of a car. You're trapped in one seating posture, and have very little room to be comfortable.

Really, would you actually want to travel across the states stuck in the back seat of today's car? No! I would like to see the bench seat and real legroom return to today's cars. Cars keep getting smaller, but we aren't.

Bring back comfort, and ford will rule the world of cars!
Aire B 01/01/2014
Bring back the front bench seat, not these 55/45 or 45/10/45 quasi bucket offerings. Give the passengers some room to move around on long trips.....some of us still do the cross country driving vice dealing with the airlines.
Ryan B 08/28/2013
My 2013 fusion has a ton of leg and head room even with the front seats back almost all the way, I've had someone 6'4" comfortably sit in the back. Very comfortable back seat from what I've heard from people. Even with 3 people back there I've been told how roomy it is. I would agree that the smaller cars (ie Fiesta) would not be very comfortable but they are affordable and may be good for city dwellers that don't travel long distances.
Colleen 08/26/2013
My son is 6'3" and fits in the backseat of my 2009 Edge with great ease. In fact that was on of the biggest selling points for me as I do not want my son crammed into a backseat. I want him to ride in comfort just as much as I do. If you have not looked into the Edge line I suggest you do so. Otherwise I totally agree with your statement.