C-Max trunk Board

By Pam P.

I am a Chevy convert! I have driven chevy products for over 30 years until there was "The C-Max". I am in love with my C-max love the quite ride of a Hybrid and all the design features. Excecpt for one thing! Love the Hands free trunk works great but when you load it up with Grocery and you open it up without thinking any bottles that was rolling around back there fall out to ground and break! I have broken two jars of spagetti sauce and jar of Mayo. and when you are in a hurry last thing you want is to clean up that kind of mess. My suggestion is place a small hard board across the back that stops things from rolling out or at least offer it to buy.Netting will not work because 2 liters are to heavy and it would not hold them. If you have any ideas or suggestions as to what i might use to help prevent this please let me know. I LOVE MY C-Max!
Pam Pickett
Sam C 02/07/2014
You might try putting a cardboard box in the back.