built in vacuum

Cross overs and SUV s have become not only extensions of our homes but, a major investment. That said, it would be nice to have an optional built in vacuum system like the one in some homes. It could be discreetly built in behind one of the panels in the cargo area with a port to connect a hose, with attachments, long enough to reach to the front.
Brad B 10/19/2013
Hey Ford ! And hey above bloggers, don't hurt me for writing this but a built in vac in a car, that's just wrong on soooo many levels. I can't get my wife to just get the junk outta her car, you think she'd actually use a built in vac? I can already tell you ... no. Just clean it out like I do when I do the weekly preventive maintenance (oil check, etc) on our vehicles. I've been looking for a good used '06/'07 5-door Focus. I can tell ya, keep'in one clean just ain't in the cards for 95% of car owners, the trade'ins look awfull. I'm about to just settle in on a new base model Transit Connect or Focus 5-door. Why? The condition of the trades at all dealerships (not just Ford) are terrible. The old joke about stuff grow'in behind the front seat is true.
Howard R 09/16/2012
Isaac, you missed the part where James says it's "optional". You wouldn't have to have it if you didn't want it. I've always thought this would be a great idea as the ones at the car wash are often weak and frustrating to operate and it's a hassle to drag your home vacuum out to the car all the time. A built in vacuum would be great as you could use it anytime, anywhere, just when you are going to pick up an important passenger or whenever!
larry B 03/17/2012
my idea for a built in vacuum was better
Isaac Johnson 02/01/2012
How do you suppose you would clean, empty, and maintain that vacuum? Ford produces vehicles, not household appliances. And for the money you would pay for a built-in vacuum, you could buy your own. Taking your car to a self car wash and paying a few quarters for their vacuums is a much more logical alternative, and you wouldnt have to worry about disposing of accumulated debris.