Built-in-Ramp (load buddy)

To R&D: I have a 2012 HD F-150 SuperCab and motorcycles. Propose a built in ramp (load buddy) be incorporated (built into, sandwiched between) the truck's bedliner that pulls out and the aft 3rd section unfolds. Now this would require the redsigning of the tailgate, I have a solution for this also. Be ahead of the competition, way ahead.

Chester Barton
dominic p 04/15/2013
That idea will grab most truck buyer's attention but, for this idea to actually work will depend on execution. I don't want a shallow box because of the ramp storage. As well, I don't want to be driving down the road hearing the ramps bouncing around and when it's time to use the ramps I don't want them to be frozen in place or causing trapped dirt within the system and creating rust. Then there's the issue of having the ramps made off-shore in the name of corporate profits. The last thing you want happening is having the ramps themselves breaking due to poor quality metal and manufacturing processes. Built it right and you can't go wrong.