built in car phone feature

I am a commuter so I realize this idea won't appeal to everyone. Basically synch would include a phone service (a seperate from your personal phone) that would include an app that you would load on your personal cell phone. This app would auto forward your personal cell phone to your car once you came in proximity to your vehicle or insert the key, the reverse would happen when you exit the vehicle (the car phone would then forward to your personal cell). Or you could substitute the built in car phone for a sleeve/pocket for another cell phone.The app for this phone would auto power it off once it was a certain distance from your personal cell.  This would eliminate the dreaded act of forgetting to grab your phone from the seat where it is charging, forgetting charging cables, or forgetting to turn off/on your bluetooth (security concerns).
Raymond T 02/10/2014
Bluetooth works just as well. I keep my phone in my pocket, can answer and make calls from within the vehicle. When I get out the phone is with me. I certainly don't want to pay another $40 or $50 a month for an additional phone number that only works in a vehicle.
Christina S 02/06/2014
Make a Ford Show for entrepenuer's.