Built a 4WD Ford Class B Camper

By Jose C.

5 years ago I e-mailed Ford to ask why Ford don't built a 4WD Class B Camper in the U.S.

It's a mystery to me why Ford CEO Alan Mulally does not see the sales potential of this type of vehicle.

Ford should built a 4WD Class B Camper similar in interior beauty design to Mercedes Benz Viano Marco Polo Camper, and a significant average MPG.

Thank you,

Jose Cruz 11/24/2011
I will never buy another new motor vehicle until a 4WD Class B Camper is built in the U.S.

Rad 01/12/2011
USA has a need for mid-sized vans. There are so many nice vans in Europe with TDI. Thanks to the protection of the Chicken Tax (see Wikipeda) commercial vans imported to the USA are subject to a high tax. The Ford Transit is imported with seats and then converted to a commercial vehicle...more expense and not green. Come on Ford work to dump the Chicken Tax and import your vans...dump the Econoline. Give us a van with real 4x4 (not fulltime AWD), TDI, and limited slip rear (not brake assist). Produce a couple of formats; passenger van or cargo. Let the aftermarket turn them into campervans. Look at the ridiculous prices of old VW Eurovan and Vanagons. Chevy extended production of the Astro, Ford extended production of Aerostar due to demand, but upgrades for safety and emmisions stopped the production. Skiers, snowboaders, hikers, campers, kayakers, cyclists, hunters, small businesses...the list goes on who need a fuel efficient mid-sided van. My favorite vehicle I owned; a 1997 Aerostar AWD. Pulled the seats out...move a refrigerator, move the kids to college, pick up plywood, sleep in it, and it fits into the garage! Don\\'t make it like the Toyota Siennna. For function and utility it will be a boxy design.