Build and Sell USA Ranger

By Mark M.

Please consider bringing the Diesel Ranger to the U.S. It would crush the Colorado and Tacoma. We have a great site in Glendale Ky. ready for you to build a new production facility.
james j 11/28/2012
Really could us that AUSTRALIAN designed RANGER here in the US. Is the company upset that the USA FORD division didnt come up with it or just afraid itll cut into F150 market share?
Michael 11/27/2012
I owned 4 rangers last was 2004. You need a ranger based on size of the Dalota or Colorado. I have no intrest in F150 to large. If you dont come up with one you will lose me as a customer Japan here I come.
Justin L 11/12/2012
Recently I was in Germany, they have the 2013 Ranger with 5 Cylinder 3.2l Turbo Diesel (TDCI), they need to bring this to US market. I will order mine today!!! If this Euro Ranger were offered with your choice of the 3.2l TDCI and the Eco-boost V-6 Ford would blow every other midsize truck out of the market!
Martin H 10/29/2012
Or bring the 3.2 l TDCI diesel in F150.The 3.5 Eco is nise but can not match diesel.Ford should bring some diesel test vehicles and let all the executives drive them so they know what we are talking abou.No longer stinking noisy vehicles.Can For see the % off diesel sales in other markets.North america wake -up
Frank Debord 10/27/2012
i would settle for them just bringing the Ranger back and updating it, their forcing me to by the new Tacoma. I want a small to midsize truck, just stick one of your new engines in it.
Ken 10/26/2012
I think this is the best idea i have heard recently. I have always bought a new Ford, 3 Rangers, a Festiva, a Focus, and an Escape. Yet this year I was going to go back to the Ranger and sadly it is gone. With no Ford alternative I will have to break down and go with a Frontier or Colorado. I am going to really miss driving a Ford. Please Ford bring back the Ranger and diesel would be 100% better.