i really feel that Ford is missing a very large market in not bringing the Bronco back to life.  As an owner of the 1989 and 1990 Eddie Bauer Bronco, I am very much disappointed with corporates actions on this issue.  bring back the Bronco....both the concept model and full size model.  You will be glad you did. Until then, I will spend my money elsewhere. 
Mark R 08/06/2014
There's a market for a New Bronco. Ford can base it off the F-150 or Expedition, but you're right, there's virtually no competition. The Bronco name is extablished and revered. Properly designed and marketed, they'll sell.
Deron Perkins 05/01/2014
The cost of development would be fractional. The work is already done with the f-150. Off road enthusiasts, fire and rescue teams, hunters, bachelors, young couples. This really isnt a niche market. The fact that ford would be the only full-size two door would be an advantage, and not a fault. The fj flopped because it was too expensive, and honestly horribly marketed. The bronco name is already established which in itself would cause and explosion in sales. There are literally hundreds of formumn threads that exploded when four wheeler magazine pulled their little prank. Which is a testament in itself. Those were only people which had some type of link to such a magazine or purposely searched for a future bronco. The idea was not purposely advertisement for broad market placement. Ford has forgotten a huge section of its market. They have focused towards a suburban or city style lineup. Truckers, country, hunters, off road enthusiasts, etc. old fashioned "blue-blooded" americans by the millions miss out on the fords they want because of the recent globalization scheme. Bring back the bronco. Give us back our off-road capable vehicles. Less flash and pinash more "grunt". We need the fords that towed trucks up mountains with another bolted on the bed. We need edgy loud muscle cars that can be noticed on sight and sound. Now the mustang resembles an edgy high powered taurus. It just blends in when it is supposed to be a snarling, growling, animal. All modern day vehicles look the same. Give America back the Fords we love, and start with the Bronco. After that you can work on hiring some that knows what they are doing with a mustang, oh and the tailights and trunk sections of all the cars that just look cheap and completely take away from the very nice front end styling of the cars.
Herman C 05/01/2014
The Bronco was awesome, but I dont see a market for it. The last gen was a full sized 2 door which there are 0 new full size 2 door SUVs on the market. The only 2 door(or 2door-ish) is the Wrangler and FJ Cruiser which the FJ is going away due to slow sales. A Bronco would be a niche vehicle which honesly the cost to develop such a vehicles would never be recouped in sales.