bring the ranger back

By Joel H.

bring the ranger back. put different motors in it. like diesel and could call it the f-100 so it doesn't take away from the f-series sales.
todd a 08/06/2013
I just posted something similar to this. I know this was posted awhile back but wanted to say, exactly! I have had two rangers and i love them. I always wondered why they never offered them in a crew cab though. Like joel said build it drop a eco boost v6 in it and call it the F100. I want more room but not a huge full size truck. I don't understand why they quit making mid-sized trucks. Just because the full size gets just as good of gas mileage? So what i still don't like full size trucks. Anyway just venting.
Luke P 03/27/2013
They sell it overseas with a 2.2L and 3.2L diesel options. A 30+ mpg compact truck would be perfect because I wouldn't need a separate vehicle with better mileage for commuting.
Gary W 03/23/2013
Call it what you want just build it Im on my 5th Ranger now I have had an F150 2004 and liked it but I like the size of my Ranger bought a 2011 frontier nice truck but not a Ranger so now I'm driving a 2004 Ranger Edge again you guys want to sell me a new truck build a small truck again because I,m thinking I will have to go toyota next
William R 01/05/2013
Kinda a traditionalist, so i'd like to see it still called the Ranger. Although I wouldn't gripe just so long a we got these trucks back!!!