Bring the KA!

The Ford Ka has been in Europe for over a decade now. The idea to bring it to America was initially turned down due to America's 'love' of big car/suv's. Well, that 'love' is OVER!! We need these fuel efficient cars now! With gas prices steadily increasing, the Ka is a much needed vehicle. The Fiat is picking up popularity here and the Ka needs to get in on this. I will definitely be one of the first to own one. WE WANT THE KA IN AMERICA!!!
I'd prefer the Ford Ka to the Ford Start.
Curtis H 03/05/2012
I had a similar idea however it's probably too late given the KA's been in Europe for years now. Google 2014 Ford Start . I hope we get it with a solid 1.6 or 2.0 engine normally aspirated engine and not a dimunitive 1.0 liter engine with a troublesome turbocharger to increase output. A true, close ratio 5 or 6spd manual would be a bonus. You know, a small sports car with actual sports car gearing and engine? Perhaps Ford can do it?
Kyle D 03/03/2012
I keep hearing that the next-generation Ka is coming to the United States. ,Maybe it will, it'd be a great car to have here that is in the same class as some of these tiny cars, like the Smart. From what I've heard, the people who own them, love them!
Isaac J 03/03/2012
The Fiesta is very much like a four door Ka. But I think the direct sibling of the Ka is the Mazda 2. Try giving it a look.