Bring the global Ranger to North America

By Mark K.

It is a convenient idea, because I live in the city. I do not have a big trailer to pull or need to haul a ton of things at once. The current F150 is just way too big to get into my garage, as I have an offset garage behind my house with no alley. The smaller more "convenient" sized Ranger would be much nicer to maneovre in city driving as well, and wirh rhe diesel engine, would be more fuel efficient also. I will not sell my house to get a "city bus sized" truck!
Aron A 02/14/2013
Ford should make a crew cab ford ranger.
Richard P 01/29/2013
Sure hope Ford come out with a Ranger size pickup before or 98 dies. We do not want to have ot b=get a bowtie or a Toy.
Tim A 01/20/2013
I will buy a Nissan or the new Chevy S10 if I can't buy a small truck from Ford, how sad.
Jude S 01/11/2013
Blake M 01/03/2013
Totally agree. It would be nice to drive a global ranger. Keep an eye out for the next Chevy colorado which is to be made in Missouri.